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Description: Above-grade waterproofing, with caulking and sealants, is a structures first line of defense against the elements. Caulking and sealant products are specifically designed to compliment other waterproofing systems that protect the building’s envelope. Caulking and sealants are available as both liquid applied and pre-formed systems depending on design and aesthetic considerations. Expansion and control joints are incorporated into a structure to accommodate expansion and contraction forces. Because expansion joints are essential to a structure, replacing or restoring damaged, deteriorated, or improperly sealed joints is necessary to prevent failure as well as the intrusion of unwanted elements into your building envelope.

Systems Installed: All types backer rod and caulking systems, pre-formed sealant systems, interior and exterior expansion joints, vehicular parking deck expansion control, chemical injection systems, joint repair/restoration, wall panel joints.

Manufacturer Affiliates: Vulkem, Tremco, Sika, EmSeal, Dow, GE Silicones, Balco, Watson-Bowman, MM

Warranties: Manufacturer material and labor warranties up to 10 Years


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