Traffic/Floor Coatings

Traffic/Floor Coatings

Pedestrain, Vehicular Traffic & Flooring Systems

Description: Traffic-Bearing waterproofing systems have been in existence for nearly fifty years. These systems protect concrete surfaces against deterioration from moisture, freezing/thawing, corrosion, chemicals, and general wear and tear. Vehicular Traffic-Bearing Systems are designed to waterproof new or existing parking structures, reduce maintenance costs associated with unprotected concrete, and prolong the life of structures. Pedestrian Traffic-Bearing Systems are designed to waterproof new and existing pedestrian traffic areas, and when required can be decorative at the same time. These systems provide a variety of cost-effective solutions to ensure years of worry-free service. Spalling, deteriorating joints, rolling traffic, impact, and harsh cleaning solutions all take their toll on your floor. Seamless flooring systems can solve these problems by providing a light-reflective, low maintenance wearing surface, color-coordinated to your specifications, and offering years of worry-free service. Seamless flooring systems feature the most advanced developments in polyurethane and epoxy resins designed specifically to protect and restore concrete floors.

Systems Installed: Pedestrian and vehicular traffic-bearing waterproofing systems, seamless high-performance flooring systems, industrial flooring and waterproofing systems, high-performance expansion joints, clear deck coatings.

Manufacturer Affiliates: Tremco, Neogard, Carlisle, 3M, Sika, Euclid

Warranties: Manufacturer material and labor warranties up to 20 Years